5 Design Elements Crucial for Any Small Business Website in 2023


Is your small business website performing as well as it should? Even if you’ve hired a professional designer, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Web design practices change constantly. If you want your small business to stand out from the crowd in 2023, then here are 5 design elements to implement today.

Cohesive Brand Strategy

It’s a crowded world out there. Brands are competing for customers’ attention. Some brands have risen to the top of their niches, while others have sunk to the bottom – regardless of product quality. The difference is good brand strategy.

Your website needs a cohesive brand strategy to avoid falling behind in 2023.

The most important part of brand strategy is clear brand messaging. What story are you telling to customers? What benefits will the customer get from your product? What differentiates you from the competition? Why is your product unique?

Quality Content Across All Major Social Media

Your brand needs to be posting quality content across all major social media to stick with the competition in 2023.

Depending on your target market, your target social media apps may vary.

By encouraging social media engagement on the best social networks for your business, you can strengthen brand identity, establish yourself as a leader in the space, and foster brand loyalty – all without followers buying a single one of your products. A single viral TikTok can transform your business overnight, attracting hundreds of thousands of views in hours.

From fostering brand loyalty to driving visitors to your website, social media continues to be crucial today as it was 10 years ago – yet many small businesses continue to under-utilize it.

Accessible Design

Accessibility continues to be an afterthought for many developers. That’s a problem. Website accessibility has always been important, but it’s no longer acceptable to have an inaccessible website in 2023.

Website accessibility involves targeting things like:

  • Adequate color contrast for visibility
  • Alt text for images and graphics
  • Effective visual focus indicators
  • Accessible names and labels
  • Accessible design is about making your website more usable for everyone. It’s proven to drive conversions and increase engagement. If your website isn’t implementing accessible design elements in 2023, then you’re driving away visitors.
Clear Calls to Action

There’s a reason every web design blog post mentions clear calls to action. You need clear calls to action if you want to convert visitors into customers.

What do you want visitors to do when visiting your website? Your call to action should be visible everywhere on your website, regardless of where customers are looking or currently focused. Every element of your website should draw users into completing that call to action.

Responsive Design Across All Devices

Responsive web design means your website responds well to visitors using any device, resolution, or browser. It’s crucial in 2023, and it’s been crucial for the past decade.

Today, roughly 60% of all website traffic comes from phones. If your website isn’t easy to navigate on mobile devices, then you’re leaving money on the table.

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