Passionate about creative visions for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Hi! I'm Mel.

Founder & Creative Designer

I'm a creative entrepreneur just like you. I have over 13 years professional experience in the design and web industry, and I've helped brands big and small do everything from launch their first business to overhaul their entire brand.

I created Loba Design Studio to help other like minded creatives effectively share their brand story through exceptional branding and strategic web design.

When I'm not designing, you can find me with a cozy mug of matcha, eating vegan pizza, spinning with Peloton, or hiking with my three rescue doggos.

Mel McVeigh Design

What We Love

We may be kindred spirits if you love...

  • Hand drawn elements
  • Playful patterns
  • Organic shapes
  • Bold colors
  • Timeless typography
  • Sustainability
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Arts & Music
  • Health & Wellness
  • Interior Design
  • Streetwear Fashion
  • Holistic Beauty

What's In A Name?

"She decided that alpha was her place"

A loba is a female wolf. I named it after the idea of wild creativity, individuality, and resilience. The name is meant to give an empowering nature to the work that I do and the clients I work with.

Our Core Values


We thrive on creativity. When it comes to finding solutions, meeting expectations and delivering results, creativity is the foundation of our success. Our creativity allows us to provide unique and impressive solutions that help your brand outshine the competition.


We’re always questioning and wondering what could be. Embracing our inherent curiosity allows us to continually make improvements and overcome even the most difficult obstacles and challenges. Our curiosity sparks innovation, and that spark ignites to empower and inspire us all.


While it’s true that many great minds think alike, we believe the best results come from great minds working together. Through collaboration we utilize complementary skill sets and additional insights to provide exceptional achievements for each and every project.

To Inspire

We want to inspire other creatives in their own work by providing tips on how to implement UX, accessibility, and performance best practices. Our blog is dedicated to helpful resources for both clients and other designers.


We believe in giving back to communities and organizations doing great work. Once a year we donate one Web Design project to a non profit organization. Interested in learning more? Please submit a request here.

The Planet

We are committed to doing our part for the planet and continuing to learn how do better by it. We plant a tree with every business purchase and our office is completely powered by renewable energy. We've also switched to green hosting through Kualo.

Let's Make Magic!

We'll help take your brand to the next level. Get in touch to get started!