How Your Bad Design Mistakes Are Silently Pushing Your Website Visitors Away


Your website isn’t converting as well as it could be converting.

Fortunately, some mistakes are easy to fix. Today, we’re highlighting some of the bad design mistakes we see every day that push away clients and reduce your conversion rate.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

Most web traffic comes from mobile devices, including phones and tablets. It’s been that way for several years.

It’s no longer excusable to ignore mobile optimization. If your website is poorly optimized for mobile devices, then it’s pushing customers away – guaranteed.

Unclear Calls to Action

What do you want a customer to do after arriving on your website? Do you want them to request a free estimate? Do you want them to shop on your online store? Do you want to collect their email address or phone number?

You need to tell your customer what you want them to do. You need to provide clear calls to action.

Without clear calls to action, your customer is likely to leave your website forever. Your website might provide all of the details the customer needs to know about your product and your business. Without a clear call to action, however, that customer will get confused and leave.

There’s a reason every list of web design tips mentions calls to action: it’s one of the most important things for any business website.

No Alt Text on Images

Adding alt text to images is one of the easiest ways to improve your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, a surprising number of businesses avoid alt text on images.

Alt text is an easy way to add free keywords to your website. Every image has alt text specifically to describe the image. If you’re not using alt text to describe the image, post, or page, then your page isn’t ranking as well as it could.

Walls of Impossible-to-Scan Text

Poor copy is the plague of many business websites. Some websites have generic copy that makes the business blend in with its competitors. Other websites have walls of text that’s impossible to scan.

Some of the best ways to improve copy and avoid walls of impossible-to-scan text include:

  • Use subheads and bulleted lists to break up walls of text
  • Highlight keywords to draw readers to important points
  • Use the inverted pyramid strategy, revealing the most important points at the start of the page before diving into further detail to reinforce those points
  • Be concise everywhere
  • Readers don’t have time to read hundreds of words on your website. They want to scan the headings, get the information they need, and move on. No matter how well you write, you need to keep it brief.
Poor Branding & Color Scheme

People have written novels about poor branding and bad brand strategy. Many small businesses have great products and decent websites, but they fail to distinguish themselves from the competition with good branding.

Poor branding or an incoherent color scheme could be driving customers away from your business.

At Loba Design Studio, we specialize in brand strategy and brand creation. Whether optimizing existing brands or creating an effective strategy from the ground-up, we can help your business distinguish itself.

Failing to Answer Users’ Questions

From the second someone visits your website, they have questions:

  • How much does this service cost?
  • Where can I buy this product?
  • How do I contact this person?
  • What type of clients has this person worked with before?
  • How soon can this person get started?
  • Does this company serve my area?

Some customers are in the exploratory phase. They have 10 tabs of local businesses open, and they’re looking for a reason to choose your plumbing company over the others in your area.

Other customers are ready to buy. They’ve heard about your product, they’ve done their research, and they want your product delivered to their house as soon as possible.

Good websites answer visitors’ questions. If you fail to answer users’ questions, your visitors will leave with those questions unanswered – and they’re unlikely to return.

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