10 Simple Web Design Changes to Covert Customers

10 Simple Web Design Changes to Covert Customers

Apr 12, 2023

Making simple changes to your website today can increase sales immediately.

Here are some of the best, analytics-backed design changes you can make to your website today to drive sales starting today.

  1. Write Scannable Text to Quickly Give Visitors the Info They Need: Visitors don’t want to read every word you write. Instead, they want to scan your text for relevant points. Don’t show readers a wall of text. Help them. Use subheadings, bulleted lists, bold keywords, and short paragraphs to make your text scannable.
  2. Use HTTPS to Avoid Breaching Customer’s Trust: Customer security needs to be important for your business. If you’re handling login data or any personal information, then you need to use HTTPS. Otherwise, you’re putting customers at risk. A security breach could permanently weaken faith in your brand, pushing away customers forever.
  3. Split Test Different Designs to Create a Conversion-Generating Machine: Designers don’t know everything about your customers. Even the best ones are often guessing. That’s why split testing is important. Test different website designs and see which one generates more sales. Continue to refine your design until you have a highly-optimized, conversion-generating machine of a website.
  4. Use Clear, Concise, and Obvious Calls to Action: Calls to action need to be clear, concise, and obvious. Otherwise, you’re confusing customers. Want customers to request an estimate for your photography services? You better have a large “Request Estimate” button on every page of your site.
  5. Maintain Consistent Brand Messaging to Effectively Share Your Story: Brand strategy is a simple concept: your company needs to concisely convey its story to customers. What makes your photography services better than others? Why would a customer pick your photography business over the ten other businesses they have open? You need to maintain consistent brand messaging across your website and continue to convey your business’s main benefits to future customers.
  6. Use Modern, Effective Web Design Templates Proven to Drive Sales: The internet isn’t new. It’s been around for decades. We know what sells – and what doesn’t sell. Sometimes, the best way to generate sales online is to use modern, effective web design templates – not a dramatic and creative website that leaves customers confused. You can drive sales using a proven strategy. And, you can still incorporate creative elements into the design.
  7. Optimize Your Website for the Right Keywords to Generate Free Future Customers: Do you want to be the best photographer in Raleigh? Your website needs to be optimized for all related keywords. You need to use those keywords in heading tags, put those keywords in your URLs, add those keywords to image alt text, and use all appropriate meta tags.
  8. Practice Other Good SEO Techniques to Stay Near the Top of Search Engine Pages: Remove duplicate content from your website. Avoid using AI-generated content (Google will treat it as spam). Don’t use too many keywords. By practicing good SEO techniques, you can increase traffic to your website and boost sales.
  9. Practice Accessible Design Strategies to Keep Customers Engaged: Accessible design isn’t just about making your website easy for people with special abilities; it’s also about making it accessible to everyone. Use high-contrast colors, use headings and subheadings, and make your website navigable by keyboard to start. Ensure customers can adjust the font or scale of your website without interfering with design. Use alt text for images. These tips may seem superfluous, but they make an enormous difference to millions of potential customers.
  10. Adjust Everything Based on Analytics: All smart businesses use data to inform future decisions. You adjust other parts of your business based on feedback, and your website is no different. If you want your website to drive sales instead of pushing them away, then you need to utilize analytics. Analytics help you understand how customers are accessing your website. You can also use analytics to spot broken links, find areas to upgrade, and understand which keywords to target.
    By implementing all of these web design strategies today, you can drive sales and increase conversions.

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